St. Joseph Consecration


It is a consecration journey that calls for daily special prayers to St. Joseph and reflections on such an inspiring Saint done by participating families for 33 days; and which culminates with a moving consecration done by our Pastor at the end of the Holy Mass on St. Joseph’s Feast days: on March 19 or on May 1.  Depending on circumstances, participating families can join in the required daily activity of prayer and reflection as a group assembled in the same place or by setting a time in which each family fulfils its obligation at home or united virtually via Zoom or other social media means. Through this consecration, Catholic fathers will find an effective way to resemble, more and more, the virtues that make St. Joseph such an inspiring figure for all heads of Catholic families.

Contact couple: Vincent and Tina Marie Tocco. (586) 876 9496

Marriage Mentor Program

Marriage Mentor Couples are Catholic couples, married for at least five years, who lead exemplary Christian life, profess their faith in outstanding fashion and are prepared by the Marriage Mentor Coordinating Couple to offer their assistance to Catholic couples preparing for marriage and accompany the newlyweds for awhile beyond the wedding day itself. A detailed description is found in prep.

Marriage Mentor Coordinating Couple: Vincent and Tina Marie Tocco. (586) 876 9496


Holy Communion to shut-ins:  for obvious reasons, our Parish Priest cannot bring Holy Communion to all the sick of the parish. If you feel this important calling, please know that you will be given instructions on how to go about this service and  you will be provided with a small pix and an outline of the rite of bringing Holy Communion to the homebound or those in hospital wards or in nursing homes.


Sunday Hospitality: After each Holy Mass on Sunday, the Parish offers coffee and doughnuts in the Social Hall to foster fellowship and friendly chats with fellow parishioners and the occasional guests. You might want to volunteer to assist in any way those in charge of this essential service and to step in whenever those in charge are absent or ill.  

Special Hospitality: On a certain Monday, our Parish might host the Vicariate meeting and be in need of several volunteers to help with the food, to serve it and to clean up afterwards. The same is true for special occasions such as the day of Confirmation, on the Feast of our Patron Saint as well as for very significant anniversaries, etc.

Prayer Board

Our Prayer Board: On the left side of the Prayer Board in the Vestibule, on small mauve paper sheets you can write in a legible and succinct fashion the intention(s) for which you desire the whole Community of Faith to pray. On the right side of the Prayer Board, you can write, on small sheets of green paper the reasons for which you wish to give thanks to God for favors received. Due to the limited space available, please make sure that there are no duplicates of petitions or thanksgivings.